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    Does console only show running instances from its own session?

    jjfutt Newbie

      JBPM Version: 5.1


      Here's what we have done.


      We have JBPM processes running in standalone Java application (a WAR in JBoss server). We have the same process definition also deployed to console.


      If we invoke a new instance for this process from within console, the console correctly displays it while it is running (we have some timer tasks to simular a long running process) and the console correctly shows its status as running


      However, if we launch the same process from the standalone java application, we correctly see a 'new session' (in SESSIONINFO table), and we also see the new process instance in PROCESSINSTANCEINFO table in the database.


      However, the console doesn't display these instances. It only displays the instances that were directly initiated in console itself.


      Is this normal behavior for console? How do we make it display instances that were launched by other processes outside of console?