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    Message is not delivered when sent from specific JBoss cluster node

    Martin Heinemann Newbie



      i have some kind of weird behaviour of my system.

      I have a 2-node JBoss5 cluster, a HornetQ 2.1.2 server (standalone) and an Apache Camel as consumer for a queue.

      The application running on the JBoss.-Cluster can send JMS-Message to a queue on the hornetQ which is consumed by the Camel server.


      The weird behaviour i figured out is that the JMS-message is only deliverd to the Camel-consumer when it is send by the first node of the JBoss-Cluster. The same message send by the second node is not deliverd to Camel. It is deliverd to an expiryQueue as the message has a lifetime of some seconds.

      The jsm-messages are equal. The Camel guys sad they just use spring-jms to consume jms message and gave me a hint to check if the hornetQ client in the JBoss is configured as "cluster aware". I was not able to find a word about cluster-awareness of hornetq ra.

      Does anyone knows a hint for this?