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    Kick off client from Server in j2ee

    Josh Britton Newbie

      Hi, all.  I have an odd scenario: occassionally, I want to kick off a 'bad' user using code on the Server side.  I used to break the connection by sending a message to my Client, which then broke the connection from the Client side, but then a bad apple user decompiled and modified my code on his client.  So now I want to be able to cause the kick off entirely from the Server side.  I see HornetQServerControl.closeConnectionsForAddress(String ipAddress), but here's my issue: I do not 'have' the client's ipaddress.


      I thought maybe I could get the ip when the client first connected.  I have a hornetq.notifications queue on the Server and I have an MDB that processes all such notifications, so I examined all values from _HQ_NotifType: BINDING_ADDED, but none of them is an ip.  Is there some way to get the ip from some other HQ property, such as _HQ_RoutingName?


      Thanks for any help you can give.