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    Mismatch between BPMN2 xml capability and that of the designer

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      I find a lot of the answers here relate to the BPMN2 xml with ioSpecification etc. I use the BPMN2 designer in Eclipse and the property sheet does not have the io mapping used in all the answers here.


      So an example of what goes into the property sheets for the Process and for each of my WorkItems to allow me to pick up parameters from the Process and then put them modified back into the Process would be a great help.


      I have tried adding parameters in my Workitems with the same name as those in the Process parameters to see if a Global scope might pick them up, but no good. Then I tried to programatically get them inside my workitem, but running from gwt-console there does not seem to be a way to call a constructor that passes in the Stateful session. I could not find a way to get the session from the WorkItemManager, which to me seemed like the sensible solution. The documentation does not seem to cover this either.


      Any answers?





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          Tihomir Surdilovic Master

          Hi Ed, I don't really understand your question in the third paragraph of your post, but let's start off step by step for questions in your first two ones.

          I think it's best to start off with an example, so if you could show us a simple process you are developing with your workitem configuration and your process bpmn2 I think it would make it a lot easier to discuss how to accomplish what you need and go from there.

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            I solved the problem I had on how to map a Process level parameter into a WorkItem variable using the org.drools.eclipse plugin propery sheets with the help of folk in another thread. The main problem here is I never saw any documentation on how to do this and nearly all ansers her einthe forum refer to the xml directly, not the designer usage. This means I no longer need to access the session because I could communicate parameters between Process level and WorkItem level without the need to get that data through the session.


            Of course at some point I assume I will have to switch between the org.drools.eclipse  5.2.0 Eclipse plugin to the shiny new BPMN2 designer, although it is not clear that this migration will be required, because once again I could not find a direction statement on whether the BPMN2 designer is an alternative designer or is to supercede the org.drools.eclipse 5.2.0 designer.