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    LargeMessage receiving problem

    jeffery c Newbie

      hi all. is there some async-way to notify my app that the large message is completely received, somehow i do not call message#saveToOutputStream, so i call message#setOutputStream(), and this method is not block.

      and, in when to call message#acknowledge() is correct when receive large message, since setOuputStream is not block and i don't know what time will the outputstream be done

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          Clebert Suconic Master

          you shouldn't receive any other message until the stream is complete. If you are using a message listener, you will only receive another message if the previous message was complete. you could make some logic on the last message.. or something like that.


          The easiest would be to block though IMO on saveOutptStream. (if you really need to ACK only after the message was finished).