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    Questions concerning BPM console and process persistence

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      I do an evaluation on the jBPM enviroment 5.1 and have some questions about the behaviour of this environment together with the sample process


      First of all I use two h2 database; one for Workflow and one for human task.

      I also remove the guvnor and the designer war from the JBoss deploy directory because at the moment I'm only interested in the workflow and task part.

      I run the "ant start.demo" once to create the databases.

      Afterward I want to reuse existing databases, so I change inside hibernate.cfg.xml <property name="hbm2ddl.auto">update</property> for jbpm-gwt-console-server.war and jbpm-human-task.jar and create a new DemoTaskService.java where I don't add user and groups (because they are already added during the first run).


      Now my questions:


      1. Why is there at first a timeout in the BPM console when I refresh the process list on tab process overview (there exists only ONE process "Evaluation"!)? I also get a timeout when pressing the "Diagram" button for an existing process instance. This behaviour is independent of my changes described above.
      2. I start an instance of the process "Evaluation" inside the BPM console and shutdown the server with "ant stop.demo". After restarting the server the process instance is not visible in the BPM console. I see the personal tasks and I can complete these tasks but I have no access to the process instance and it seams that the process isn't continued. So what is necessary to persist process instances that they can be continued after server restart?
      3. How is it possible to handle different versions of one process, so that active process instances use the version they where started with and new instances use the newest version?