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    Notice: Test switchyard.xml files are now always validated!

    David Ward Master

      Once https://issues.jboss.org/browse/SWITCHYARD-365 gets pushed, you will have to make sure that any test switchyard.xml files you create or edit in the future are valid according to their respective schemas.  Not just our own, but also sca's.  This is because the mechansim we use to load config models inside SwitchYardTest kit now enforces this.  As part of this work, I went through and fixed MANY xml files. Ugh!


      Here is a copy/paste from my comment on SWITCHYARD-365:


      1) <implementation>s must come before <service>s and <reference>s inside a <component>.

      2) <reference>s must have a multiplicity attribute. For now, we just use multiplicity="1..1".

      3) <composite> <service>s must have a promote attribute. It should be equal to the <component> name, or the <component> name / (slash) <component> <service> name.

      4) <composite>s must have both name and targetNamespace attributes defined.