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    What is the AS7 equivalent of servers?

    Tom Anderson Newbie

      In prior versions of JBoss, there was a $JBOSS_HOME/server directory, in which you could set up completely independent server configurations, selecting one to use when starting JBoss by passing a -c flag to run.sh.


      This seems to have gone away in AS7. Is that correct?


      If so, what is the preferred approach for managing multiple configurations on a single installation, such that they can be run either separately or at the same time?


      Domain mode looks pretty close: i can define multiple servers in the domain, and then use the domain controller to start them.


      However, as far as i can tell, i need to list all my servers in host.xml. That makes perfect sense when the servers are part of a cohesive unit, but in my usage, that is not always the case. For example, on one development machine, under JBoss 4, we have a pair of servers for our demo app (front end and CMS), a pair for an app we're building for a client (again, front end and CMS), a third-party reference app, and an app we build just to isolate a bug. Those aren't logically related to each other at all, but the old server mechanism let us have them all sitting on the same machine, able to be started independently. Yes, i could just put them all in one host.xml file, but this seems inappropriate. Also, i would either have to manage that file manually, which is error-prone, or extend our build process to add servers to it automatically, which is yet another thing for our already overgrown build system to do.


      Is domain mode the solution i need? How should i use it best?


      Now, in a fit of curiosity and enthusiasm, i did take apart the standalone.sh script and build a Frankensteinian variant which lets you run a standalone JBoss instance up from a server definition located elsewhere than in $JBOSS_HOME/standalone:




      Based on some limited testing, this seems to do what i want it to. However, i'm sure you'll understand that i'm reluctant to replace an out-of-the-box script like this! Still, i would be interested to hear people's reactions to this idea, and this script.