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    Richfaces 4 Push problem

    Uros Majeric Newbie

      Hi all,


      I have a problem with push. My app is continuously reading events from database. Events are comming in from 30 to 2000 milliseconds. On every event I am sending message to the topic. Page (which has a4j:push) is rerendering as expected for a while, but then suddenly rerendering stops for couple of seconds (no events are coming - looking at the firebug console in firefox). Then after couple of seconds all events are received to firefox. Then everything work OK for a while, and then we go all over again.


      I tried to connect to this topic with other client and messages are successfully recieved continuously (when in firefox this events are not coming).


      I am using: JBoss 6.0.0.Final on Debian Lenny, Richfaces 4.0.0, JSF 2, Servlet 3.0 and tried with Firefox 3.5 to 5.0.1.


      Is there any known issue with to many events on push?