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    RF4 <rich:autocomplete> - How to make the button send the ajax request?

    Val Blant Newbie

      I can't seem to find an option for making the drop down button on <rich:autocomplete>  in RF4 to send an ajax request. So, I have this code:



      <rich:autocomplete mode="ajax" showButton="true" autofill="false"




         minChars="0" />



      When I click the drop down button with empty input field, I'd like it to send a request to selectedTargetMeasurementDetailLabel method and populate the drop down. Instead it just shows me an empty drop down.



      Can someone tell me how to do this?

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          Val Blant Newbie

          It looks like the reason this doesn't work is b/c AutocompleteRenderer.getMinCharsOrDefault() forces minChars to 1, if it's less than one.  This effectively prevents us from being able to see the whole, unfiltered list by pressing the drop-down button, which I think is a useless limitation. So, here is the fix:





          * Allows rich:autocomplete to specify 'minChars="0"'. This is useful if you want to be able to

          * press the drop-down button ('showButton="true") and have the drop down display

          * the whole, unfiltered list.


          * @author Val Blant


          public class ZeroCharsFixAutocompleteRenderer extends AutocompleteRenderer {




                  protected int getMinCharsOrDefault(UIComponent component) {

                    int value = 0;

                    if (component instanceof AbstractAutocomplete) {

                        value = ((AbstractAutocomplete) component).getMinChars();

                        if (value < 0) {

                            value = 0;




                    return value;





          And in faces-config.xml: