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    Maven Dependency Resource Plugin CSS not rendering

    Jason Suplizio Newbie

      I'm finding other issue with the Maven Resource Dependency Plugin that makes the generated XCSS file unusable. (The following is true regardless of compression or org.ajax4jsf.xmlparser or org.ajax4jsf.COMPRESS_STYLE settings)

      *When aggregating CSS files using the or the configurations, the CSS definitions pulled into the resulting custom-dependencies.xcss file are not nested in a <f:verbatim> tag. As such, when the resource is pulled into the browser those CSS definitions are removed. If the custom-dependencies.xcss file is edited manually and the <f:verbatim> tag is added to surround the CSS definitions, the CSS definitions are not parsed out of the file and the page renders as intended.

      *Any occurrence of the ampersand ('&') special characters found in a CSS file throws an SaxParser exception. Consequently using CSS expressions prevents the file from being generated. I know its a bad practice, but I need to support it.