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    HornetQ-2.1.2-Final lose messages when cluster and the message's expirationTime is specified?




      I use HornetQ-2.1.2-Final.

      I setup cluster environment in machines whose ips are and

      There is a consumer connect to

      There is a producer connect to

      There is a queue: ExampleQueue in both machine's HornetQ server.

      The ExampleQueue's expiry-address is also ExampleQueue.


      The machine time is earlier than the machine about 1 minute.

      For example, when is 15:27, the is 15:28.



      When the producer send a text message with expirationTime 3000 millis,

      I expect the consumer will receive the message, but it didnt.

      When I change the expirationTime to 2 minutes, the consumer will receive the message correctly.


      I monitor HornetQ through jconsole,

      and saw the ExampleQueue's MessagesAdded and MessageCount are not changed in both HornetQ server.




      I can't find such information in the community and google, so post here.


      I attached my environment image, configuration and test code.


      Is my configuration wrong?