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    Structure of an ESB

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      Hello Community,


      my english isnt good but i try my best to explain you my little big problem .

      I want to know something more about esb's and the structure in which way they are build. I think the MessagingChannel is one of the important things when you build a esb. When you realize it with JMS which structure do you take? Point-to-Point or Publish/Subscribe? I googled a lot but I never found anything about the structure of an esb( I mean a piece of code or something like that).


      I hope you can give me some more information about this topic ;-)


      kind regards



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          Wolf-Dieter Fink Master

          ESB -> Enterprise Service Bus


          I think there are lots of explanations for this. It depends to the people that are talking about it.

          Normally it is a channel where clients can connect to and publish or consume business messages.

          It depends to your requirements whether such messages must be consumed once and only once or not.

          So you will not find only one answer to your question