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    JBoss 7 and JSR-77

    Shelley Baker Newbie

      Is JBoss 7 JSR 77-compliant? According to this article, the ejb-management.jar may be deployed to make the MEJB available, however, (1) the ejb-management.jar doesn't appear to be available in JBoss 7, and (2) JSR 77 seems to indicate that the product is not fully JSR 77-compliant (and therefore, not Java EE-compliant) until the MEJB component is deployed, so why does JBoss require an additional manual step following product installation to deploy the MEJB?

      From JSR-77:

      JSR77.7.1 MEJB Implementation requirements

      A compliant J2EE product must deploy an MEJB component before installation of that product can be considered complete.