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    New Features in 0.2

    Keith Babo Master

      I took a quick inventory of what we have done for 0.2 and it's pretty awesome.  Check it:


      • Service orchestration and human workflow via the BPM component
      • Decision / business rule services via the rules component
      • CDI integration within Camel to allow CDI beans to be used as a replacement for Spring beans in Camel routes
      • HornetQ as a service binding - both as a Camel JMS binding and as a discrete HornetQ core binding
      • New transformers for XSLT and JAXB.  The JAXB transformer will automatically kick in on JAXB annotated message payloads.
      • Improved test support includes more MixIns (HornetQ, BPM, HTTP) and a revamped test framework which allows tests to extend non-SwitchYard test classes to get additional test support (e.g. CamelTestSupport)
      • Enhanced forge support: create tests, BPM services, Rule services, and more.
      • Quickstarts for all the new features.
      • Support for invoking SwitchYard services within webapps using CDI integration.
      • Embed SwitchYard in WAR deployments.
      • A shiny new admin console based on GWT and AS7.
      • Some cloud awesomeness (wait for it).


      Of course, there were lots of bug fixes and whatnot.  If I missed any big ticket items, please give a holla.


      I'm in the process of testing these features and while I'm doing that, I plan to create articles in the community section which document my experience with the feature.  We can then take this information and move it into the docset.  Please feel free to create your own articles and to update articles that I create with corrections and additional information.  I will post links back into this thread as I develop the articles.