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    Richface Table Filter Modification

    liverpool fan Newbie



      I have a rich data table and checkbox in each row. As per my requirement, when the row checkbox is checked, the row background color should turn yellow and white when unchecked. Also, there is one master check box in the table header on select of which all the rows should be highlighted and vice versa. There is rich datascroller for pagination.


      I m checking all the checkboxes by setting the corresponding flag to true from java bean and after the request is completed I am calling a javascript function to change the row color (which is giving a bit delay). Functionality wise, everything is working fine(Although there is some delay). The only thing which is not working is, after filtering the row remains checked but I am not able to get any way to call a js function to change the row color if selected.


      Please help me. Also, let me know if the approach is correct or not and if it needs any change..