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    Ask a question about integration JBossEpp - Single Sign On (JOSSO)

    Jonathan Ugarte Newbie

      I have successfully completed the configuration of JBOSS 5.1.0-EPP-JOSO with SSOintegrated with Tomcat 1.8.1, which validates the Loge users with usernames andpasswords that have default JbossEPP until this point everything is correct.

      Wanting the application takes data validation, user, mysql database located onanother PC, follow the steps in the url:



      Now my problem is this: After the configuration, when you test the login, continues to validate the username and passwords old but not those who are in my database.


      I wanted to know, what or which are additional settings that would have to do andwhere to stop reading data from the old loge (ejm: user: ROOT, pass: GTN) and cannow read the data housed Loge in my mysql database.


      I hope someone can help me.