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    I.E. 9 Richfaces 4.0 Issue

    Prateek Tandon Newbie

      I am using Richfaces 4.0 jars in my application, and the application is running good in IE 7, IE 8, FF 5.0, Safari 5.1 but as I switch to IE 9 all the functionalities stops like a4j:commandButton won't work,rendering of components stops, tooltip doen't work and one major issue sometimes ajax also wont work.


      Please give me the solution as soon as possible.


      And I also want the documentation of richfaces 4.0 which explains me the component architecture and the rendering of the components clearly as i am getting more issues in rendering.


      Also please explain the h:form and a4j:outputPanel and h:panelGroup as these are very confusing.