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    Log4j appenders DOA in 6.1.0

    Joe Mihalich Newbie



         I was previously running on jboss 6.0.0 with the log4j appender patch, given here: https://issues.jboss.org/browse/JBAS-8791


         That fixed the problem, and everything was great.


         Now, in 6.1.0, using the exact same jboss-logging.xml file (no patch applied), I get this error when it tries to switch from the bootstrap logger to the jboss-logging.xml loggers: 


      org.jboss.logging.service : Removing bootstrap log handlers

      [STDERR] log4j:ERROR No output stream or file set for the appender named [null].


         My jboss-logging.xml is attached.  Did this get busted after the patch from the 6.0 fix was made?  And if so, can we get another patch?