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    rerender entire form in RF 3.3.3

    Robert Gary Newbie

      I have a unique and challenging problem. I have hundreds of .xhtml files that do something like this....


      This is in hundreds and hundreds of files...


      <ui:include src"./mycomponent.xhtml"/>

      ...stuff that will need to be reRendered....  <<===THIS IS THE STUFF TO RERENDER

      <ui:include src"./mycomponent.xhtml"/>



      mycomponent.xhtml basically does...


      <customComponent onClick="doCustomAjaxRerender(this.form)"/>



      I'd like to replace the doCustomAjaxRerender() with something like a4j:jsfFunction. However, the problem is that I cannot statically determine the clientid of the form (notice the form is in the parent, not the component)...so


      1)  a4j:jsFunction seems to be limited to usage where you can statically type in the reRender value before deployment.

      2) I cannot change the calling .xhtml files right now because there are hundreds of them...

      3) I really do need to rerender the entire form, not just the stuff in the ui:composition but I have no idea what the form's clientid is for each and every caller.


      I'd like to use A4J.AJAX.Submit and just pass it this.form but the parameters seem to complex to figure out.