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    RHQ CLI; adding plugin to many hosts at a time

    Elias Ross Master

      Basically, I have a list of hosts and was thinking of how to automate removal or addition of plugin resources that are tied to a platform. (One example of this might be a SNMP listener.)


      It seems the CLI (or UI) doesn't have any way to do this easily, though it does support ways of accessing lots of information. I could be of course mistaken.


      I'm referring to this document:




      (Also: Links to API docs seem to be broken...I did find the APIs through Google.)


      It seems the APIs don't have a way to really modify much.


      A create new Alert Definition interface would be nice as well. It can be easier (at times) to simply have a CLI interface rather than click through a UI. Maybe it's not supported? http://web.archiveorange.com/archive/v/V8zldjoyQCzcbU0b2Q6q