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    CustomScoped-Bean stored in Session-Scope

    jen shu Newbie

      We have a ControllerBean (ManagedBean) that was defined as @CustomScoped.
      Second, we have a DetailsBean (ManagedBean) which has the same annotation @CustomScoped.
      The Controller Bean has a reference to the DetailsBean, because it was integrated as
      a @ManagedProperty.
      Now my problem:
      The DetailsBean will be stored in the CustomScope, but the ControllerBean will be
      stored in the session scope.
      The super-class of our ControllerBean is @SessionScoped, but even if we change this to
      CustomScoped, the result is still the same.
      (The application works fine in all described cases)

      We are using Richfaces 4.0.0


      Here my questions:
      1) What is the reason for using different scopes for the two beans ? Or, why is the
      ControllerBean stored in the SessionScope although it is explicit defined as CustomScoped?


      2) Which influence has the scope of an Managed-Property to the controlling ManagedBean ?


      3) Which influence has the scope of a super-class to the implemented ManagedBean ?