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    Still cannot get extendedDataTable sorting working correctly


      I have tried this a few different ways and my columns are sorting, but only after being clicked the 3rd time. 

      If I have columns a,b,c and I click A three times, it now sorts correctly.  I can keep clicking the column and the order switches from ascending to descending.

      If I then click column b, the UI changes a little and some things get shuffled around but column b is not correctly sorted.  It takes two more clicks for things to look right.

      I built this component, richSortHeader in order to make it easier to consistently sort tables. 

      As you can see I am using the componentControl javascript method to do the sorting.



          <composite:attribute name="id" required="false"/>  

          <composite:attribute name="tableId" required="true"/>

          <composite:attribute name="columnName" required="true"/>

          <composite:attribute name="label" required="false"/>

          <composite:attribute name="sortOrder" required="true"/>




          <h:commandLink id="#{cc.attrs.id}" value="#{cc.attrs.label}">       

              <rich:componentControl event="click" target="#{cc.attrs.tableId}" operation="sort">

                  <f:param value="#{cc.attrs.columnName}" />


              <h:graphicImage value="/global/images/rfedt-sort#{cc.attrs.sortOrder}.gif" style="border:0px;vertical-align:middle;"/>




      On my page I just include this header in the header facet of the column I want to sort.


      <rich:column id="userIDColumn" sortBy="#{user.userID}" sortOrder="#{UserList.sortOrder['name']}"

                          width="150px" headerClass="columnLeft" styleClass="columnLeft" label="#{msg['label.userID']}">

          <f:facet name="header">

              <myns:richSortHeader id="sortUserID" label="User ID" columnName="userIDColumn" tableId="userTable" sortOrder="#{UserList.sortOrder['name']}"/>


          <h:outputText id="userName" value="#{user.userID}" title="#{user.userID}" />    



      The sortOrder just ponts to a backing bean property of type Map<String,SortOrder>.


      I have tried other approaches and I keep coming up with the same triple-click issue.


      It would be helpful if the demo site included sorting so we could all see it working.  I would also like to see the page initialized to a default sort because I think that is not working quite right either.  When I initalize my sortOrder map to name, descending it is sorted in the reverse order on page load than when I click the link and the backing bean is set to the same value.  Strange.


      Any help is appreciated.