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    Why is JBoss AS 6 Final taking much more time to startup than 6 CR1?

    David Pacheco Newbie



      I'm working on a project that uses Jboss 6 as the server and we have a single EAR that contains all of the application resources. The EAR is put on the server exploded. The EAR contains 3 WAR's, 4 EJB's and a lot of dependencies (the EAR is around 90MB). We've put all the jar files (except the EJB's) inside the APP-INF/lib folder created on the root of the EAR, to avoid the problem of the bug that exists in AS 6 Final that if there are libs inside the WEB-INF/lib of the WAR's the server takes a lot of time to startup.( Before this workaround it would take us around 5 min to startup the server + application on a Core I5 with 8 gigs of RAM)


      The problem now is that we tried to start the application on the AS 6 CR1 and it would take around 30s to start everything, and currently on the AS 6 Final or even on the 6.1 Final it takes around 1m45s on the same Core I5 used earlier. Why is there so much difference in startup time between to CR1 and final?


      Thanks in advance!