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    Static Cluster Discovery issues

    ameya mk Newbie



      I am trying to setup HornetQ cluster in static discovery mode.


      Here is overall setup:


      2 servers:





      I'd like these 2 servers to be in cluster mode. My configurations are as follows:


      On server 1:




      <connector name="hornetq2.ec">


                 <param key="host" value="hornetq2.ec" />

                 <param key="port" value="5445" />






            <cluster-connection name="my-cluster">














      Similar configs on server2


      I have consumers connected to both the servers.


      I am sending 100+ messages to hornetq1.ec and I was expecting load balanced output to both the consumers. However only consumer connected to hornetq1.ec receiving all the messages.


      Am I missing something?