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    JBoss status in SMF

    tellivais Newbie

      Hello Experts,


      I have the following problem with JBoss.. It is needed to implement Solaris script that would allow operator to get JBoss status. Initially it was decided simply to use svcs command to check JBoss status, but the problem is that SMF shows the system is online much sooner than Jboss is completely up. So, in result, operator see that svcs returns status as "running", however JBoss server is not accessible yet. There was an idea to use twiddle.sh tool for checking the status, but are there any other possible ways of solving this problem? Also,  there are several JBoss instances running on the host, so as far as I understand in case of using twiddle.sh I have "to twiddle" all of them separately. Is this correct? All you advices will be greatly appreciated!


      Thanks in advance,