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    problem with dynamically simple toggle panel

    inv3r53 d Novice

      Hi community,


      I have a simple toggle panel with a4j:repeat , and many such collapsible panels generated using switch type client.

      I have specified the opened attribute as false.However when the panels are generated the state is open.toggling the panel work though.


      I want to use switch type ajax/server since when the whole page is refreshed the panel must stay in prev state i.e open or closed.

      But when i specify the state as ajax or server , even toggling stops working.


      Any suggestions appreciated.


      I use rich faces 3.3GA





      anyone?  :/

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          inv3r53 d Novice

          ok , here i go again.


          i found another component called rich : panelMenu which is exactly what i was trying to create using simple toggle panel.

          how ever i need to have the panel items dynamically generated.


          a4j:repeat doesnt seem to work inside <rich:panelMenuGroup>

          I get this exception

          java.lang.ClassCastException: org.ajax4jsf.component.html.HtmlAjaxRepeat cannot be cast to org.richfaces.component.UIPanelMenuItem




          now i tried with c:foreach and no luck either, it doesnt throw error like a4j:repeat but doesnt generate menu items either.