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    Spring Portlet resourceURL mapping problem with JBoss EPP 5.1 (bundled GateIn)

    ptuomaal Newbie

      I'm migrating my portlet from JBoss Portal 2.7 to JBoss EPP 5.1 and I'm having trouble with portlets JSP pages that uses <%@ taglib prefix="portlet" uri="http://java.sun.com/portlet_2_0"%>.When that taglib is in use, then the JSP page forms are not sending renderURL/actionURL correctly (at least requests are not mapped to any controller).


      Those JSP pages are working correctly in JBoss Portal 2.7 and if I remove "_2_0" usage to <%@ taglib prefix="portlet" uri="http://java.sun.com/portlet"%> everything works also in JBoss EPP 5.1 (and also Portlet 2.0 stuff is working fine). I use Spring forms and Spring Portlet MVC (with annotations). If I use the same resourceURL (that is not working with form) in a link then it works. 


      Has anyone phased the same problem? Or any ideas what might cause the issue? I assume that this is not Spring issue, because the same portlet works in JBoss portal 2.7


      You can test the behavior example via this BookCatalog example: http://code.google.com/p/portletsinaction/downloads/detail?name=sample_BookCatalog.zip&can=2&q=


      There the resourceURL associated for form is not working (add book) but the resourceURLs used in links work (edit/remove). I also tested this so, that I put the "add books" resoureURL in a link and that started to work