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    rich:dataTable editing with rich:popupPanel bug (Confirmed with the Richfaces Showcase/Demo)

    Thomas Buskirk Newbie



      I am new to the Richfaces libraries and community and greatly appreciate all the work that has done.  I apologize beforehand if this is a known issue.  My searches did not turn up anything.


      I have been fighting with a problem when editing rich:dataTable entries using rich:popupPanels and was able to confirm that the problem also existed in the showcase/demo application.  To view the bug, you can follow the following steps:


      1)  Go to the Richfaces Showcase Data Iteration > Data Table Edit tab (http://richfaces-showcase.appspot.com/richfaces/component-sample.jsf?demo=dataTable&sample=dataTableEdit&skin=blueSky)

      2)  On the first row (#0) click the edit link and change the price to an invalid value (ex. 'X').

      3)  Click the "Store" button.  A validation message is generated and displayed as expected.

      4)  Click the "Cancel" button.

      5)  On the sixth row (#5) click the edit link.  The "Mileage" field and the "VIN" field now contain the values from row #0.  Clicking the update button updates row #5 values to row #0 values.


      Besides creating a new xhtml page/form for editing these values (which will be my last resort), does anyone have a workaround or fix for this behavior?


      Any help would be much appreciated,



      Tom B.