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    Webservice and Alternatives to <jbr-provider>

    everson . Newbie



      I'm doing an integration between VB and ESB using

      <jbr-provider name="JBR-Http" protocol="http" host="myserver.com">

      <jbr-bus busid="Http-1" port="9000" />


      So, the ws client connect http://www.myserver.com:9000 to send the soap. But, some limitations of VB can't connect without a wsdl.


      VB code

      Set O_obj_001 = NewWebServiceClient

      O_obj_001.WSDLLocation = "http://www.myserver.com:9000"

      O_obj_001.Port = "PessoaWSPort"

      O_obj_001.Service = "PessoaWSService"



      Are there another way to connect a esb webservice instead myserver:9000 ?  Or there another way where  can I receive an information from another

      webservice(VB, php...) instead <jbr-provider> ?