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    JBoss 6 : JBoss windows service does not restart if failed

    jonina Newbie



      I was able to install JBoss 6 as a Windows Service using the command "service intall" and it runs okay. However, we need any of our server process automatically restarted if it fails/crashes. I have configured the windows service Recovery failure actions to be "Restart the Service". However, it does not seem to work as I expected.



      I uses "What's Running?" to see exactly which JVM is running JBoss.

      I tried killing the following processes :

      • jbosssvc.exe
      • cmd.exe
      • java.exe

      and JBoss never get restarted by Windows.




      I have tried the Restart Service configuration on another server process and it works like a charm and Windows will restart it everytime I kill it.


      So is there some configuration I am missing ? How can I resolve this ?


      Any help will be highly appreciated. Thanks !