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    validateDoubleRange in rich:extendedDataTable?

    Tobias Keller Newbie


      in my richfaces site I have a little problem with an <f:validateDoubleRange> in an <rich:extendedDataTable>.

      The table:
      <!-- shown value of max is 8.5 (bean type java.lang.Double) -->
      <h:outputText value="#{bean.max}" />

      <h:inputText id="price" value="#{bean.value}" size="5">
      <!-- works fine-->
      <f:validateDoubleRange minimum="0" maximum="10.5"/>
      <!-- shown error message maximum=0 -->
      <f:validateDoubleRange minimum="0" maximum="#{bean.max}"/>

      <rich:ajaxValidator event="onblur"/>
      <rich:message for="price" />

      In the above example is the little problem, that the EL #{bean.max} does not work with f:validateDoubleRange, but the value is not 0 as h:outputText shows.

      What do I forget?

      Best regards