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    query on the last revision of my objects on a date

    Stephane Fernandez Newbie



      i would like to do the same thing :


      getAuditReader().createQuery().forRevisionsOfEntity(Clazz.class, true, false)




      but i dont' want to do this for one instance of my class, so i don't want to specify the id because i don't know it and my result was a list. In fact, i would like to have the latest revision of all my object at a specific date :


      date 1 :   create obj1 (revision0)   create obj2 (revision1)

      date 2 :   update obj1 (revision2)

      date 3 :   update obj1 (revision3)

      date 4 :   update obj1 (revision4)

      I would like my query return me my objects at the date "date3" so i would like to have the revision 3 and the revision 1.


      Please help me. Thx