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    display process diagram

    Chris Melas Apprentice


      I'm using jbpm5.1 and i noticed that when i add extra nodes to a process, jbpm-console throws an exception (Could not find info for node new_id_of_node of process the_process_id) when trying to display the diagram at the point of reaching the new node.


      Has anyone else noticed this??


      Basically what happens is that org.jbpm.integration.console.graph.GraphViewerPluginImpl has already initialised kbase variable and within its method getDiagramInfo() ,the kbase does not return the new bpmn diagram containing the new node. Everything else works fine as it is normally updated, except the kbase of this class. If it doesn't happen to anyone else then it's maybe my configs and i apologise.


      However if this is the case one possible solution would be to make kbase=null and call getDiagramInfo() after having checked first the bpmn file as is and before throwing the exception i.e. right before line 93 of method getActiveNodeInfo() where the check if (!found) {....}

      Any other ideas??