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    How to make persistence unit visible for other deployments (not EAR)




         as my process of migrating from AS 5.1 to 7 is going ahead, more problems come. As in 5.1 I had one persistence unit defined, in my entitybeans.jar deployment. Another deployments like sessionbeans.jar or war archives, just had it on the classpath and could use without problems. I think due to changed class loading now it is not possible. When I deploy sessionbeans.jar I got an error:


      "Can't find a deployment unit named MyPU at deployment "SessionBeans.jar"" in the line of the code where is:


      @PersistenceContext(unitName="MyPU") private EntityManager entityManager;


      My deployment dir looks like this:








      Is the only solution to put every deployment using persistence unit from entitybeans into one big EAR file?