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    JBoss 7.0.1 final not starting-up with OSGI

    Rico Neubauer Novice

      Vanila installation of JBoss 7.0.1 final (on Windows)

      1. Edit jboss-as-7.0.1.Final\domain\configuration\domain.xml and set activation of OSGI from "lazy" to "eager": <subsystem xmlns="urn:jboss:domain:osgi:1.0" activation="eager">
      2. Start-up in domain-mode: jboss-as-7.0.1.Final\bin\domain.bat
      3. Start-up will fail during OSGI set-up with "Unable to resolve Module[jboss-as-osgi-configadmin:7.0.1.Final]: missing requirement [Module[jboss-as-osgi-configadmin:7.0.1.Final]] package; (package=org.jboss.as.osgi.service)" (full log attached)


      The same happens using domain-preview.

      Problem does not occur in standalone-mode.