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    Signal/Resume fail task using JBPM5.1final

    satish polasi Newbie



      We have implemented jbpm5.1final and developed 7 .bpmn processes and deployed in production server in client location. We start the process, claim the task assigned to group user and complete the task using jbpm5.1final rest urls such as

      1) /gwt-console-server/rs/process/definition/{id}/drms_new_instance - to start the process and assign to group user

      2) /gwt-console-server/rs/task/{taskId}/assign/{ifRef} - to claim the task assigned to group user

      3) /gwt-console-server/rs/task/{taskId}/close_with_params - to complete the task


      For every .bpmn process we have 3 user task (such as task1, task2, task3) to perform to end the process. My question here is when is start the process, the process gets initiated and creates task1 for group user, the group user login in to the application claims the task and completes it. On completion of task1 the process will create task2 in this transition if it fails how do I resume/signal the task or process.


      If it fails I am trying to send signal with api methods setProcessState(instanceId, next) and signalExecution(executionId, signal) and there corresponding rest url are




      I appreciate if any one can please help me out in this.