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    Variables - the basics

    Diogo Saad Newbie

      Hi All,


      I'm a jBPM newbie and I'm trying to understand "jBPM variables".

      Can you please help me with the following questions:


      a) How many variable scopes does jBPM have (i.e: Process Instance, Process Node, ...)

      b) Is there any predefined variable besides kcontext that can be used in Script Tasks / Gateway Constraints /etc?

      c) In which scope kcontext.setVariable() operate?

      d) If I click at the process canvas in eclipse I can see a propertie "variables", which scope is this? Where variables defined there are visible?

      e) Which variables are visible inside User Tasks and Service Tasks?

      f) A variable defined in Script task is a "Process Instance Variable" ? Are they visible to other nodes?



      I'm sorry for this basic questions but I'm struggling to understand so many maps being created and same variables put to kcontext over and over in the examples I find online.