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    jsf 1.2, richfaces 3.3.1

    Anthony Crane Newbie



      I need to develop a left hand side panel that has links to other pages. I created a "LHSPanel.jsp" and entered the command links that i needed. and included this file on all the pages that needed this left hand side panel.


      When i do it this way, in faces-config.xml i need to add the <navigation-case> for the commandlinks on all the pages that have the panel included. By doing this,  i am duplicating the <navigation-case> code in all the files rather than having the <navigation-case> in just the  <navigation-rule> of  LHSPanel.jsp.


      I have added the code snippet for you to correct m mistake. Please guide me and show me a better way to do this so that i can improve the way i am currently doing it.



      LHSPanel.jsp Code-


      <f:subview id="LHSPanel">




                      <li><strong><h:commandLink value="#{lhs.abcd}" action="dcba"/></strong></li>

                      <li><strong><h:commandLink value="#{lhs.efgh}" action="hgfe"/></strong></li>

                      <li><strong><h:commandLink value="#{lhs.ijkl}" action="lkji"/></strong></li>

                      <li><strong><h:commandLink value="#{lhs.mnop}" action="ponm"/></strong></li>

                      <li><strong><h:commandLink value="#{lhs.qrst}" action="tsrq"/></strong></li>





      One of the many pages that need the LHSPanel included -








              <h:panelGrid columns="2" columnClasses="autosize,autosize" style="cellspacing:0px; cellpadding:0px">

                  <%@ include file="/XXXXX/YYYYYY/LHSPanel.jsp" %>


                  XXXXXXXXXX Menu <br/><br/>