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    Third party property files not able to find in the classpath

    vishal nigam Newbie



      I am new to JBoss 7 and trying to switch from 5 to 7. we are using documetum client in our application which place jars and propety files at some location in C:/program files and add the classpath to the system class path. Earlier JBoss version are considering the system class path and able to get the jar and properties files but in 7 it's not consideing. Please let me know if anybody has similar kind of issue and how it can be solved.





      I have created one module and place all the jars which are required for the application. In the app, created jboss-deployment-structure.xml and create dependency with the newly created module. After these changes application is able to find all the files. Still, i am not able to find the solution for making property file available to the application.In scenario, the third party api is dependent on one property file. I tried placing the same property file under app /lib as well under WEB-INF but not working. I tried another option of using <system-properties> but still not wrorking. Yet to resolve the issue. Anybody faces similar kind of problem. Please let me know. Thanks, Vishal