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    Seperation of clusters an physical servers

    Willem Noorduin Newbie

      We have installed a few clusters and clusternode via my http://community.jboss.org/message/585815#585815 post. This problem is adjacent. We have two environments running in the same network (say 192.168.), consistent of two webservers and four Application Servers:


      JBoss-WS1:  Serving: AS1 ( and AS2 (

      JBoss WS2:  Serving: AS3 ( and AS4 (


      The JBoss-WS1 layer is production and the JBoss-WS2 layer is test, and we don't want the JBoss-WS1 layer to be poluted with information of nodes AS3 and AS4. I suspect both layers are using multicast on the same network and port, but I don't see how to fix this (I have played around with jboss.modcluster.advertise.address,  jboss.partition.udpGroup and jboss.modcluster.advertise.port, but no success yet.


      The question is: How to seperate to JBoss architectures (i.e. WS1 + {AS1,AS2) and WS2 + {AS3,AS4}, such that no multicast information is transferred between the architectures ? Now, we see information in the mod-cluster manager about nodes which are not configured in that architecture.