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    How/where to set 'maxAttempts'  ?

    Stefano Nichele Newbie

      Hi All,

      with proxy_balancer i'm able to set 'maxAttempts' value using:


      <Proxy balancer://mycluster>


             BalancerMember ajp://xxxxx:8009/ route=NODE01

             BalancerMember ajp://yyyyy:8009/ route=NODE02

             BalancerMember ajp://www:8009/ route=NODE03

             BalancerMember ajp://zzzzz:8009/ route=NODE04


             ProxySet lbmethod=bybusyness

             ProxySet stickysession=JSESSIONID|jsessionid

             ProxySet maxattempts=2



      and by default it's set to number of members - 1 (see http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.1/mod/mod_proxy.html)


      Some questions about that:

      - Is it set to the same default value using mod_cluster ? (from the doc it seems set to 1 by default)

      - How to change that value ? (i saw something in the doc but i don't  understand....)


      What's the meaning of Maxtry in the cluster manager ui ?

      For instace i have:

      balancer: [1] Name: mycluster Sticky: 1 [JSESSIONID]/[jsessionid] remove: 0 force: 1 Timeout: 0 Maxtry: 1


      THanks a lot in advance


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          Jean-Frederic Clere Master

          you can't do that using proxy_balancer only mod_cluster allows that. It must be configurated in the jboss side.

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            Stefano Nichele Newbie

            Hi Jean-Frederic,

            at the end i have found i can set maxAttemps in server.xml file (since i'm using tomcat)  as Listener property.


            "Maxtry" in the cluster-manager interface reflects that value, but i'm not sure about the meaning ....is it the maxAttempts property describe in page 62 - sect. 14.2 Balancer ? On the doc the default value should be 3 but to me was set to 1....am i missing anything ?


            I'm also a bit surprise to have to set that value "worker" side since to me is a "proxy" property more than a "worker" property (in other words, in this way i can  set that property to different values - since i have different workers - and it seeems at the end, the used one is the lastest comunicated by the lastest  worker.



            Thanks and sorry if the message is not so clear...


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              Jean-Frederic Clere Master

              "Maxtry" in the cluster-manager is maxAttempts and the default value is 1. I have ajust code and docs to prevent confusion.


              mod_cluster idea is to configure most things on the workers side to allow dynamic configurations.