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    HORNETQ HornetQTaskServer PROBLEM

    Luis Tamayo Newbie



      I am trying to run jbpm5 with Hornetq, EntityManagerFactory works fine users are saved at ORGANIZATIONALENTITY table but  when I try to start task server it shows me the following message:


      13:23:58,581 WARNING [NettyAcceptor] Unexpected Netty Version was expecting 3.2.

      1.Final-r2319 using 3.1.5.GA-r1772

      13:23:58,583 INFO  [NettyAcceptor] Started Netty Acceptor version 3.1.5.GA-r1772

        13:23:58,584 INFO  [HornetQServerImpl] HornetQ Server version 2.1.2.Final (Colme

      ia, 120) started

      13:23:58,610 WARNING [NettyConnector] Unexpected Netty Version was expecting 3.2

      .1.Final-r2319 using 3.1.5.GA-r1772

      13:23:58,622 INFO  [STDOUT] .

      13:23:58,681 INFO  [STDOUT] .

      13:23:58,732 INFO  [STDOUT] .

      13:23:58,750 ERROR [TaskServer] Failed to create session


      I have attached the java class.

      I am using jboss-5.1.0.GA, jbpm5.1, hornetq-2.1.2.Final



      Thanks in advance