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    infinispan deployed in ear causes ServerVMClientUserTransaction cannot be cast to javax.transaction.UserTransaction

    michele curioni Newbie

      Hi there,

      I'm trying to deploy infinispan 5.0 inside a ear file in JBoss 4.3 cp09


      I packaged all libraries shipped within infinispan/lib inside the ear, and set the ear to have an isolated classloader.

      This causes issues because the jar jboss-transaction-api-1.0.1.GA.jar contains classes that are already provided by JBoss, for instance UserTransaction.

      This explains the class cast exception, but how do I get around it?

      If I remove jboss-transaction-api-1.0.1.GA.jar from the ear I get other issues, for instance TransactionSynchronizationRegistry which is part of that jar is not part of JBoss, and so infinispan cannot be initialised.


      Do I need to handcraft another version of jboss-transaction-api-1.0.1.GA.jar without the duplicated classes?