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    Log file using class name




      I want the log file not to be one, but one for each class which invokes the logger so at the end I have a few files named like this com.example.ClassName.log


      How should I setup my log4j.xml?

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          Create an <appender> for each category, and within each <category> reference the corresponding appender using <appender-ref>. The log4j documentation should show you how to set this up.


          This will give you a log file per category.  You can always add additional catagories and appenders to split things out even more.


          Personally, this seems like a whole lot of work for no good purpose. I could see that you might want all of the log entries for your code, which is probably using the same package prefix such as com.foo, to go into a separate log file. But I don't see any point to placing each class' log entries into a new log file. You will end up with hundreds of log files.

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            Thank you for your reply.

            I've been looking for something easier, like setting a flag to tell the logger to create a new file per class, because as you say this approach of manually adding appenders for categories is over complicated.


            The point of this is to have as many log-files as test classes so you get a test-report and a log-file per test-class. Not for production code.

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              Sorry, but there is no such flag in log4j. Though you might be able to extend one of the file appenders to provide this kind of functionality.