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    DataTable filtering problem

    Tomek Lebkichler Newbie

      Hi All ! First sorry for my english :)

      I've following problem. I'm using a Rich dataTable with columns filtering. All works fine, untill i want to add some new records to the table. After this, the filtering doesn't work anymore. But, when i refresh the page in browser(F5), the filtering starts working fine again...

      This is my jsp.

       id="dataTable1" reRender="datascroller"
       value="#{Offers.allSD}" var="currentRow"> // simple SELECT * from database to put into the dataTable
       <rich:column id="ulica">
       sortable="true" sortBy="#{currentRow.street}"
       <h:outputText id="outputText9" value="#{currentRow.street}"/>
       <f:facet name="header">
       <h:outputText id="outputText10" value="Street"/>

      The Offers class is in session scope (i try te request also, but this doesn;t help)

      Please help ! :)