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    ExtendedDataTable - Browser resize problem

    Mathias Dolag Newbie

      Hello everyone,


      I've got a problem using rich:extendedDataTable (RichFaces Version 3.3.3.). Everything works fine and the layout of the table (columWidths, etc.) are perfect. But when I'm resizing the browser-window the table-layout crashes (columWidths are changing and another colum appears which doesn't exist in my sourcecode). When I resize the browser to the original size the layout is unchanged. I only can manually resize the colum-width within my table but that's not a userfriendly solution. But when I do one action in my table after resizing the browser in some way the normal layout reappears (I think because the table is rerendered. The described problem only occurs in Firefox-Browser, with IE works fine ...


      Is there any solution for this problem? Unfortunately Google or the RichFaces-Pages were not a big help. Maybe any tag exists which can be used.


      Best regards,