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    IE request getting dropped in restore view Phase


      we are having a richfaces(version 3.3.3) application and we are facing a issue with IE.The request to the server getting dropped sometimes.After enabling logs and what we got is like the request hangs after it try to restore the view.We get this only whenwe access the page thru a VPN connection and a slow network.It will hang in the restore phase and after a logn time it will jump to Render response phase.


      Following is the log while we got the issue:




      011-08-31 05:19:36,946 [TP-Processor1] - Incoming request has Content-Type header with character encoding UTF-8

      2011-08-31 05:19:36,946 [TP-Processor1] - Filter request output to XML

      2011-08-31 05:19:36,946 [TP-Processor1] - XML filter service start processing request

      2011-08-31 05:19:36,946 [TP-Processor1] - service begin

      2011-08-31 05:19:36,946 [TP-Processor1] - entering RESTORE_VIEW(1) in org.apache.myfaces.lifecycle.LifecycleImpl


      2011-08-31 05:19:36,947 [TP-Processor1] - Process before phase RESTORE_VIEW(1)



      2011-08-31 05:19:36,947 [TP-Processor1] - Calculated viewId '/test-service/1/Default/bssp.jsf' from request servlet path

      2011-08-31 05:19:36,970 [TP-Processor1] - Request is a postback

      2011-08-31 05:19:36,971 [TP-Processor1] - view id after applying the context suffix: /test-service/1/Default/bssp.xhtml

      2011-08-31 05:19:36,971 [TP-Processor1] - Using algorithm DES

      2011-08-31 05:19:36,971 [TP-Processor1] - Using algorithm paramaters ECB/PKCS5Padding

      2011-08-31 05:19:36,971 [TP-Processor1] - decrypting w/ DES/ECB/PKCS5Padding


      no progress after this.This issue is only in IE.


      The client side log says that after request state 1 in hangs and when timedout will jump to request state 4.

      So the problem is our customers might be in the middle of somethg and they need to logout and login again to continue and they will lose all the changes they made.


      We tried modifying the response header to clear the cache in the filter since we thrght its a IE cache issue but it also didnt help:


      response.setHeader("Pragma", "no-cache");

      response.setHeader("Cache-Control", "no-store");

      response.setDateHeader("Expires", -1);


      Please help.thanks in advance.