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    Running servers in a domain as different users

    Chris Hiner Newbie

      Is it possible to run different servers in domain mode as different users with AS7?  This would be on Linux.

      I'm looking to migrate some applications to AS7 from a different app server that has this functionallity.

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          Darran Lofthouse Master

          Is it the individual AS instances you are looking to run as different users?  At the moment these do all start as the same user as their parent host controller.


          I will check if we have any plans to support this, I think the main issues would be the additional complexity managing the file system permissions so that shared recources are accessible by multiple users and the OS specific commands to run as a different user.


          In the meantime depending on how many users you are talking about one option could be to run multiple host controllers, each as a different user so that the server are then running as different users.  The Host Controller process is very lightweight and you would still have centralised domain management.

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            Chris Hiner Newbie

            Correct, individual AS instances as different users.  I can understand the complexity in the file system permissions, as our old app server had issue with that.

            Multiple host controllers is a possibility.  Would each host controller need its own separate jboss directory?  Or would I just create a separate host.xml and use --host-config to tell it where to find it?




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              karin k Newbie


              I would also prefer to have the ability to start individual AS instances using different users (due to security reasons)


              Any news on that topic?


              Multiple host controllers is a possibility, but I think than you would lost some of the great features  the domain managed mode offers. Normally you would just add a new JBoss AS server by means of the domain controller  (using e.g. CLI or the web interface ). when using a new host controller  you have to create a new configuration for that hostController  (including a definition of new ports /resp. interfaces for that hostController ), have to start that host controller on the machine and just until than it can be controlled via the domain controller


              Cheers and Regards