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    rich:datatable doesn't refresh values

    Anthony Mayfield Newbie



      I have this issue now that I have migrated to richfaces 4.  My datatables used to all work fine in the page but with the richfaces 4 framework they don't update once they have been clicked.  I found that the reason for this is that the values is only evaulated in the request part of the lifecycle.  the old 3.3 framework would evaluate it in the request part of the lifecycle and then again in the response, which of course makes sense. 


      I'm guessing I must be missing something here as to release the component like this would seem to clearly break it for all people, does anyone know why I may be getting this issue.  I've managed to hack the code to setting the ExtendedDataModel to null in the doEncodeBegin method which works but I'm sure there's an easier way.  Does anyone know if this is a bug in the framework, or just a setting somewhere that I've missed?